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Two Women In The House

There is a lot pink. Well, not a lot maybe, but there is more pink in her room – the mother’s room – than there is in the daughter’s room. The daughter doesn’t like pink. The mother has a pink robe thrown over the bed, and pink slippers, and there’s some pink flowers mixed on the bed sheets. It’s snowing. The old white dog is sleeping beside the mother’s bed. There are two cats in the house as well. Before the daughter started the dishwasher going the little grey and white cat, Hermes, slept on the downstairs bed where the daughter is working. The golden cat, Xanthus, is asleep in the study upstairs. The study has a bed with a thick white comforter.

Emergency On-Call Storyteller at Savoy Elementary in Washington, DC

Yesterday I had the joy of sharing some of my stories with the pr-K children of Savoy Elementary School in Washington, DC. I was invited by the literacy organization, Everybody Wins. It was a last minute invitation, “We’ve got to have somebody to tell stories to these children tomorrow morning!” I enjoy the image of being an Emergency On-Call Storyteller. I shared pre-K versions of my books, Nappy Hair, Always An Olivia, Little Georgia and the Apples, and Kindergarten Blues.