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Teaching Children

Children’s Studio School

Carolivia Herron has taught primarily in colleges and universities but has also been teaching children in grades  pre-K through 12. From 2000-2002 she taught a mixed grade class, pre-K through six years old, at Children’s Studio School, a charter school in Washington, DC. Her “Paths” Studio used adapted epic poetry of Dante and Homer to teach basic skills in language arts, math, science, social studies, fine art and performing arts.

In their mock Trojan war, everybody younger than 5 was a Trojan, everybody over 5 was a Greek, and the five-year olds were the gods and goddesses. The resulting dramatization was delightful.


Carolivia Herron and Nappy Hair in Washingtonian Magazine 2000.
Carolivia Herron and Nappy Hair in Washingtonian Magazine 2000.

PAUSE – the Potomac Anacostia Ultimate Story Exchange is a volunteer mentoring organization that greatly improves reading skills for young readers in the Washington, DC area. All students in the PAUSE program, no matter what the skill level, have improved test scores as a result of their participation. The most recent PAUSE program was started at Calvin Coolidge High School in Washington, DC – Carolivia’s own high school in the Takoma neighborhood of Washington.

Early Readers

Carolivia Herron organized and helped to found the Early Readers Program at Shepherd Elementary School in Washington, DC. In the Early Readers program volunteers read with children before school starts to help the students improve in language arts. Reading skill has been measured before and after program participation, and the students increase in reading skills several percentage points.

Home School 

Since 2006 Carolivia Herron has taught many home school courses in literature and creative writing. She has introduced her students to classical epic literature as well as contemporary classics. Her signature courses for 8th to 12th graders are: Epic Tradition (Homer, Vergil, Dante, Milton), Star Trek as American Epic, and Creative Writing (Fiction.) Her courses include a large dose of critical thinking and thesis development. Please contact her if you are interested in having her lead a home school class for yourself or your children.

The Learning Community International School

Carolivia also offers tutoring, educational advising, and classes through the Learning Community International School. Please see their website for more information.