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One Stalk of Asparagus

The mother says, “There’s no sense in eating now, I should wait until I’m good and hungry before I eat.” The daughter says, “But what if it takes you two or three days before you’re good and hungry? You should eat something now, even if it’s just one stalk of asparagus, just to keep your stomach working.” “But I don’t feel like eating.” “One stalk.” “Well, I might as well boil an egg too then.” “You got it.” Now the daughter sits smiling into her computer while the mother eats asparagus, egg, apple sauce and salad. Otherwise known as victory.

I’ve posted two vignettes today because one is left over from yesterday. I’m not increasing the number of vignettes per day.

It did not happen

It did not happen. That’s what the mother says. Shirley did not die this morning. The mother’s niece did not call and say to her, “Yes, Shirley, your Bible study partner, Shirley who is so much younger than you are, Shirley whom you love, died this morning.” It happened in the Hospital Emergency Room so early in the morning, a gasp for air that was unanswered. The daughter returns to the house from Kiwanis meetings in Silver Spring. The mother tells the daughter, “Maybe if I sit still enough. Maybe if I believe hard enough. It did not happen. Shirley did not die.”

This is the March 8, 2014 installment of my daily exercise of 100-150 non-fiction words describing some portion of the last 24 hours. For now the collection is called, Two Women In The House, describing moments in the life of my mother and myself.

If She Reads Aloud

If she reads aloud Xanthus interrupts her. Always. The daughter finished a chapter this morning. Yes, at last, really finished it. She thought she had finished the whole novel over a year ago, but she made the mistake of not reading it aloud. When she reads it aloud she hears mistakes and fixes them. So now she spends thirty minutes before dawn reading aloud. She is always interrupted. Xanthus, her golden brown cat, hears her voice and comes to the door. He wants to go out. So the daughter walks downstairs and props open the door to let Xanthus escape.