A Book, Another Country, A Child

The two women wonder what the Lord has in mind. When the daughter was seven she wished for three things to have when she grew up. One, write a book. Done. Two, live in another country. Done. Three, have a child. NOT DONE. Two out of three ain’t bad the daughter thought. But here comes the news that her great-neice, a Navajo girl, is on her way to live in the house with the two women. The girl calls the women “Grandma’ because there’s no word for aunt in Navajo. So, tell them, what does the Lord have in mind?

PS: If you’ve been following this blog you know that I’ve missed posting publicly for several days. I’ve been continuing to write my hundred words a day, but have not felt like posting them each day. Hoping you will bear with me and keep coming back.

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